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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pasangan Remaja Ini Lakukan Aksi Tak Senonoh Tanpa Pedulikan Orang Lain

STOMPer Shawn can appreciate a little intimacy, but he thinks this couple went too far when he saw them lying on top of each other, and subsequently making out, in front of families with children on the roof of Vivo City.

The STOMPer wrote:

"I recently went to Vivo City to hang out with some friends and when we got to the upper deck of Vivo City, the first thing we noticed was this couple lying on each other as if they were in a hotel.

"There were easily 40 odd people in that area including families with small children.

"The couple soon awoke from their cuddle and began making out...

"The guy held on to her as if she was the first girl he had ever seen...

"I appreciate slight intimacy between couples but this is too much and a bit desperate..."

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